Selections from Undertones: Images that often focus on luminous subjects combined with the subdued tones of their surroundings. Passageways, Montreal, CanadaLanterns in Trees, Montreal, CanadaPond Grasses, Oshino Hakkai, JapanCascade, Bergárfoss, IcelandCurtain with Flowers, Heimaey, IcelandLeaves and Sunrays, Madrid, SpainBreakthrough, Eyjafjörður, IcelandGreenhouse Shadows, Akureyri, IcelandLichen and Blossoms, Oshino Hakkai, JapanWhite Form, Hakone, JapanDeluxe Birdhouse, Akureyri, IcelandWashstand, Grasmere, England Forest Door, Big Sur, California, USAMysterious Sign, Reykjavík, IcelandTable and Shadows, Monterey, California, USAAngelica, Borgarfjörður, IcelandMosque Window, Córdoba, SpainPillar with Angel, Stratford-upon-Avon, EnglandInterior Abstraction, Reykjavík, IcelandHotel Detail, Oslo, Norway